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Members from the Canton of Lindenwood have volunteered to assist Master
Philip with the Children's activities throughout the day.

In Service,

Mistress Xene Theriane
Seneschal of Lindenwood
The small Canton with a big heart
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      Plans for the Coronation of TRH Mahdi and Valeria are underway, and
Giliana and I are looking for volunteers!  Please see the list below and if
you can help, please contact the coordinator for more info.  Thanks!!  We
also need a chirurgeon in charge and a waterbearer in charge.  If you'd like
to volunteer for either of those positions, please contact Genevieve.

  Gate: Lady Elizabeth Pendarvis; ronandshari at sgcglobal.net
  Decorating/Hall Setup:  Giliana jdale at sewell.com
  Tear Down: HL Crandall: pcrandal at sbcglobal.net
  Feast Steward and Head Chef:  Master Richard and HL Caelin:
fairbourne at sbcglobal.net; rjt at acm.org
  Master of Children: Master Philip; philipwhite at hotmail.com
  Hafla Coordinator: Master Lucais; LucaisduBelier at att.net
  Marshal in Charge for King's Champion: Centurion Daire;
dairedehaya at earthlink.net

  In service,

  Ly. Genevieve del Gamba ladydds at verizon.net
  Giliana Launcelyn jdale at sewell.com
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