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Chivalry in the News
By Scott Farrell
©2005, Shining Armor Enterprises


The Code of Chivalry can be found in chronicles of medieval history,
but issues regarding chivalrous behavior and knightly ideals can also
be found in today’s headlines. Here are some recent news stories, web
items and articles that demonstrate what an important role chivalry
plays in our world. Follow the links at the end of each blurb (or cut-
and-paste them into your browser’s address window) to get more
details — then discuss and explore these stories with friends, family
members and co-workers as a means of bringing chivalry to life in the
modern world.

Ethical Codes: The Spirit vs. The Letter
Can you be completely truthful and simultaneously be dishonest?
Surprisingly, the answer is “yes.” Much attention has been given
recently to the ethics of journalism, and one of the key issues in
this debate is the morality of using the truth as a tool for
manipulation of public opinion. When journalists present facts out of
context, or accurately quote the “bogus claims” of misinformed
sources, they can easily deceive their audiences without ever
technically telling a lie. To embody the ideal of faithfulness, a
knight, champion or a hero must be trustworthy and dependable, which
means much more than being merely “accurate.” This article in the
Columbia Journalism Review explores the principle of chivalrous
honesty in the modern world.

Generosity in the Portfolio
The recent series of devastating Gulf Coast hurricanes has made
everyone aware of the importance of charity and generosity. But
here’s a look at generosity from a rather unusual source: a financial
advisor. In an industry that is typically focused on “getting” and
“keeping,” syndicated columnist Michelle Singletary reminds us that
“giving” should be part of any long-term investment strategy. She
also explains that every portfolio should include a column for
charitable giving throughout the year, not just in moments of
disaster — a lesson that comes right out of the Code of Chivalry.

Chivalry on Campus
Is there a trend toward chivalry among today’s young men and women?
Or is there an upswelling of sentiment against the knightly code of
honor? One thing is for sure: There are a surprising number of
articles in this month's college newspapers exploring the topic. Some
collegiate authors reject chivalry as a throwback to an age of gender
bias and discrimination; others embrace it as a means of
demonstrating respect for self and community. Whatever the case, the
following syllabus of articles (all originally appearing in college
newspapers) provides some intriguing insight on how the “younger
generation” sees the Code of Chivalry.
CAUTION: These articles are written by and for college-age readers.
Some of the articles contain strong words and graphic language.
Chivalry Today takes no responsibility for the editorial or
commercial content of these websites.

• http://phoenix.swarthmore.edu/2005-09-22/opinions/15386http://www.southend.wayne.edu/modules/news/article.php?storyid=1738http://www.pvpanther.com/media/paper286/news/2005/09/21/
• http://www.thelantern.com/media/paper333/news/2005/10/05/Arts/
• http://www.diamondbackonline.com/vnews/display.v/ART/
• http://www.michigandaily.com/vnews/display.v/ART/

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