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Standard-times photo by Cynthia Esparza

David Knebel of Fort Worth is knighted during activities at the Society for 
Creative Anachronism coronation at the Wells Fargo Pavilion. Hundreds of 
medieval and renaissance history buffs attended the daylong events on Saturday.

Celebration fit for a kingSociety of history enthusiasts holds its bi-annual 
crowningBy THALIA I. LONGORIA, tlongoria at sastandardtimes.com or 659-8378
July 9, 2006Instead of playing cowboys and Indians as a child, Michael 
Geisendorff of Midland imagined himself as a medieval knight.  
On Saturday, reality surpassed his childhood expectations when he was crowned 
King of Ansteorra in San Angelo. The Society for Creative Anachronism, which 
is a worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the appearances 
and values of medieval and renaissance Europe, held a bi-annual crowning at 
the Wells Fargo Pavilion. ''I tried to be a knight before finding this 
society,'' said Geisendorff, dubbed King Aaron MacGregor within the kingdom, which 
covers most of what is otherwise known as Texas and all of Oklahoma. ''It's a huge 
honor. I dreamed about being a knight growing up.'' Saturday's all-day event 
was held to honor Geisendorff and his wife Tiffany Geisendorff. Their reign 
will last six months. Geisendorff has been active in SCA for about 18 years and 
previously served as king in 2002. ''I'm responsible for the fun of five to 
seven thousand people. I allow them to play their games and have their fun while 
I deal with mundane responsibilities,'' Geisendorff said. At Saturday's 
medieval spectacle, about 300 participants were all in renaissance and medieval 
attire, trying to closely relive history. The event also had an evening feast, 
merchants and a King's Champion tournament where participants fought each other 
for the honor of being the king's right hand man. Emulating a real tournament, 
contestants dressed in armor and shields battled with wrapped rattan sticks 
serving as their swords. Combatants competed until one dealt a blow that would 
have been considered debilitating if the sword play was real. Camaraderie, 
honor and upholding tradition are the values that Beth Wolff from the Fort Worth 
area believes is the most prominent aspect of the SCA. ''You can walk back 
into a life of dignity and honor,'' she said Saturday. ''We love upholding things 
like honesty and chivalry.'' Wolff played the role of bard - poet, singer and 
songwriter - for the outgoing monarch, and she said she is looking forward to 
the return of the Geisendorffs. ''I've been incredibly impressed by who they 
are,'' Wolff said. ''For most of us, it's a dream. They are very special to 



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