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The link is here, and there is an excellent picture of Tomas swearing


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> Standard-times photo by Cynthia Esparza
> David Knebel of Fort Worth is knighted during activities at the Society
> for
> Creative Anachronism coronation at the Wells Fargo Pavilion. Hundreds of
> medieval and renaissance history buffs attended the daylong events on
> Saturday.
> Celebration fit for a kingSociety of history enthusiasts holds its
> bi-annual
> crowningBy THALIA I. LONGORIA, tlongoria at sastandardtimes.com or 659-8378
> July 9, 2006Instead of playing cowboys and Indians as a child, Michael
> Geisendorff of Midland imagined himself as a medieval knight.
> On Saturday, reality surpassed his childhood expectations when he was
> crowned
> King of Ansteorra in San Angelo. The Society for Creative Anachronism,
> which
> is a worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the
> appearances
> and values of medieval and renaissance Europe, held a bi-annual crowning
> at
> the Wells Fargo Pavilion. ''I tried to be a knight before finding this
> society,'' said Geisendorff, dubbed King Aaron MacGregor within the
> kingdom, which
> covers most of what is otherwise known as Texas and all of Oklahoma.
> ''It's a huge
> honor. I dreamed about being a knight growing up.'' Saturday's all-day
> event
> was held to honor Geisendorff and his wife Tiffany Geisendorff. Their
> reign
> will last six months. Geisendorff has been active in SCA for about 18
> years and
> previously served as king in 2002. ''I'm responsible for the fun of five
> to
> seven thousand people. I allow them to play their games and have their fun
> while
> I deal with mundane responsibilities,'' Geisendorff said. At Saturday's
> medieval spectacle, about 300 participants were all in renaissance and
> medieval
> attire, trying to closely relive history. The event also had an evening
> feast,
> merchants and a King's Champion tournament where participants fought each
> other
> for the honor of being the king's right hand man. Emulating a real
> tournament,
> contestants dressed in armor and shields battled with wrapped rattan
> sticks
> serving as their swords. Combatants competed until one dealt a blow that
> would
> have been considered debilitating if the sword play was real. Camaraderie,
> honor and upholding tradition are the values that Beth Wolff from the Fort
> Worth
> area believes is the most prominent aspect of the SCA. ''You can walk back
> into a life of dignity and honor,'' she said Saturday. ''We love upholding
> things
> like honesty and chivalry.'' Wolff played the role of bard - poet, singer
> and
> songwriter - for the outgoing monarch, and she said she is looking forward
> to
> the return of the Geisendorffs. ''I've been incredibly impressed by who
> they
> are,'' Wolff said. ''For most of us, it's a dream. They are very special
> to
> us.''
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