[DFT] Highland Games

Ascelyn of Glentewrde aislyn_glynwyrd_fen at hotmail.com
Thu May 1 08:09:19 PDT 2008

To the populace of Elfsea,
I need to get a firm count of how many of you will be able to work at our Highland Games Demo this year. We will need individuals to help with the set-up on Friday, to work the event Saturday and Sunday, which includes fighters (both heavy and rapier), artisans to provide samples and work in the A & S area, and water bearers. Then we will need people to help with the tear-down, packing up and unloading back at the shed afterward. Please make sure that you CAN and WILL make the demo before volunteering. Please reply privately to myself and TEs Daire and Druinne if you would like to volunteer to help with this demo.
Also, we need an individual to coordinate Highland Games this year as well. Due to personal reasons,  Lord Ceatta, our normal coordinator for this demo will be unable to fill this position this year. Ceatta has said he still can be the liaison with the Highland Games staff, but we presently do not have anyone to step up and take charge of the demo itself. 
This will require the following:
1)  Getting a firm list of volunteers in order to provide the Highland Games staff with a count of how many tickets we will need and distributing those prior to the actual event. Make sure that your volunteers are aware that they must pay for parking. Last year this was $5.00 per day.
2)  Arranging for volunteers to help with the loading of the shed on Friday, June 6th, around noon and verifying that you have all the required items for the demo. At this time, Big Blue is unusable and the Wine & Cheese will not be available. The small blue and gold baronial pavilion is available, but the blue and white is not waterproof so would not be a good pavilion for use at this demo. You will need to make arrangements for a pavilion or two for the A & S displays and the Baronial presence. 
3)  You will need to make arrangements for a truck and trailer.
4)   You will need to coordinate the loading at the shed and setting up the demo in the designated area at the event site. This includes setting up the pavilions, list field area and tables for the A & S displays.
5)  You will need someone to coordinate the water bearing and have a pavilion/area set-up for them as well.
6)  You will need to make a schedule of volunteers to reflect who is working at what times and make sure that you have enough people to cover all the areas at all times.
7)  You will need to make sure that you have a marshal and enough fighters to have demonstrations in the morning and afternoon each day.
8)  You will need to make sure that you have A & S displays, by contacting artisans and coordinating different types of items.
All these things are necessary in order to make this demo a success, so please make sure you can fulfill these requirements prior to accepting this position.
Please reply privately to myself and the TEs Daire and Druinne if you would like to volunteer to coordinate Highland Games.
Yours In Service, Ascelyn
Per bend Sinister Gules and Or, a Unicorn Argent and a Rose Proper 

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