[DFT] Meeting and get together on Saturday, May 17th

Dáire and Druinne -- the Hays Family daire.druinne at gmail.com
Sun May 11 15:02:57 PDT 2008

Greetings good gentles all from Dáire and Druinne, Baron and Baroness of

We have many issues facing us in the barony and some pretty big decisions to
make as a group and as individuals.

Gas is up, again and this last round of increases came fast and hard.
Big Blue is once again ripped in multiple places.
The Blue and White is missing poles and is not water proof.
We did not break 200 in attendance at Springfaire.
Defender is going to be next to Three Kings this year.  What will that do to
our gate?
Fewer people from the barony are showing up at baronial sponsored events.

We have all discussed these issues either amongst ourselves, out at dinner
with friends, on the drive home from events, or with officers in the group.
What we have not done is come to any consensus on what actions we want to
take to move forward.

We would like to invite everyone in the barony to come out to our house on
Saturday, May 17th, starting at 2pm to have a brainstorming session to start
coming up with ideas on how the barony wants to move forward on these
issues.  Bring your lawn chair, something to throw on the grill or a side
dish and your great ideas.  We will not be making any decisions at this
meeting.  The venue for that is our monthly business meeting. These are big
issues, though, and we need to start thinking through them now, in order to
make good decisions that we can support in the near future.

We want to encourage discussion of what to do about our tentage/pavilion
situation on the lists and under a separate topic, what sort of changes
would be good for our event line up and the dates that they are on.

While things will start around 2pm, we will go until we get tired, so don't
worry about being late.

Please use your favorite map site to find us at....

4113 Big Bend Trail
Fort Worth TX 76135.

Or, make you way to the NW part of Loop 820, exit Azle Avenue and go NW.
The first light is Boat Club Road.  Pass through it and take a right on Big
Bend Trail (the first street past the entrance to the parking lot of the
funeral home).  We are the fourth house on the left.

We look forward to hearing good ideas and positive commentary on the lists
and hope to see as many of you as can make it out this weekend.

Pray know that we remain in faith and fealty to our Crown,
Dáire and Druinne

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