[DFT] Silent Circleat Guardian

Ms Pict dftfeast at hotmail.com
Fri May 1 08:28:33 PDT 2009

Have you heard???  There will be a silent circle at Guardian of the Tor this weekend.


Time To Be Announced
The silent circle is a fun way to trade any unwanted or un-needed item(s) for something you REALLY could use!
Bring your item(s) and a chair and something to drink, and let’s play!
A Round begins by each person standing and showing their item (ONE ITEM PER ROUND)
At this time you are not yet silenced, so you can describe in SHORT detail its use, value, whatever needs to be said about YOUR item!
Once the showing round is complete, the circle master/mistress
Calls for silence… at that point, you may not use your voice… not even a whisper!
If you saw something you wanted, you should hurry to that person and try to (silently) trade. If they do not WANT your item… try to trade for something they DO want, till you can make a successful trade.
Once you have a successful trade, - and have what you want, Sit back down.
There will be an agreed upon time limit per round, and we will have as many rounds as the populace desires.


This should be fun.


See you there

Lady Janie


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