[DFT] Stocks at Guardianof the Tor

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Fri May 1 08:31:19 PDT 2009



We have heard that, alas, in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and in the Baronies, and even in our Canton of Dragonsfire Tor… 
There are Criminals Running Amuck!!
(amuck amuck amuck)
Be on the lookout for these Vile, Sinister, Loathsome and Depraved characters.  
If you bear witness to any of their gruesome deeds, 
(or even think they look suspicious) 
It is your duty to avow and confirm your suspicions by sworn testimony.
Just contact the Sheriff or Stockade. 
Once they serve time in the stocks, and see the err of their ways, they will surely thank you for alerting the authorities.


So bring money, bribes or anything you think you talk the jailer into accepting to put these people in the stocks.


See you there.

Lady Janie

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