[DFT] Largess at Guardian of the Tor

Ms Pict dftfeast at hotmail.com
Fri May 1 08:34:02 PDT 2009

The word for the day is LARGESS (noun AND verb)
I remember the 1st largess I received in the SCA.
It came from Margery de Bray, and I knew nothing of it until that moment. I did a bardic piece, which she quite enjoyed!
I will never forget that day… So TODAY It begins with me!
I have given to each of you, a gift in your site tokens.
Some have beads, buttons, pearls, silver and gold…
Though small these treasures may be… One of you has “The Lucky Bag” That person will receive a basket of largess to keep/and/or/share with others! 
So be sure and bring your bag with you to court.
And as Autocrats, we encourage you to change this event for someone… by the act of kind Largess
On behalf of our Autocrat
Lady Lauretta d'Avenporte
(Lady Janie)
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