[DFT] Coronation Thank You's

Bill Perkins bill.perkins at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 23 15:30:50 PDT 2012

With warmest regards, greetings from Alejandro y Amalia

Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor did a wonderful job hosting Their Majesties and Ansteorra at Coronation.  The hard work of many people ensured that all attending had a joyous event!  We want to recognize the work of those who helped ensure our guests had a fun and enjoyable weekend.  We apologize for not possibly recognizing everyone who helped, and please know that your assistance is no less appreciated!

Honorable Lady Elspeth de Stervlen took on a difficult task as the event steward.  It has been many years since Ansteorra last saw a camping Coronation.  HL Elspeth worked tirelessly to find a site and then ensure that all the pieces of a unique puzzle were ready to assemble into a grand weekend.

Centurion Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote willingly stepped up to help with any task needing to be done at the event - setup, teardown, and security.  He also helped HL Elspeth stay sane and make sure she could have some fun at the event too.

Sir Daniel de Burdon and Baroness Adelaide de Bourbon prepared a delicious Middle Eastern feast, in commemoration of Her Majesty Elizabeta.  And the fresh, made on site baklava was amazing!

Countess Elizabeth for taking time to help ensure that Their Majesties, both retiring and recently crowned, were treated well and had all their needs and wants met for their special day.

Lady Caitrina inghean Mhurchada and Lord Edwin de Brus stepped up yet again to ensure gate ran smoothly.  We especially appreciate the time that Their Majesties Hrafn and Elizabeta, and Baron Duncan spent at gate.  These good nobles already had a full weekend planned, but found some few hours to help Lady Caitrina with gate.

Baron Philipe and Baroness Suzanne lent Elfsea the use of the massive Bjornsborg 40' by 80' pavilion.  This pavilion did not assemble itself and an excellent crew of people stepped up to set it up and tear it down.  These worthies include Duke Gunthar, Countess Elizabeth, Baron Philipe, Master Caelin, Lord Jean Marc, and Lord Alexander.  The pavilion was ready for decorating in such a short amount of time, we could not keep track of all the people working diligently!

Baroness Ameline did a amazing job decorating the hall for Their Retiring Majesties Aaron and Amelot's final court.  It looked wonderful and did not feel like a Boy Scout building :-)

Baroness Rhiannon verch Bryan and a small crew decorated the pavilion to be a grand space for step up court and hafla!

Duke Gunthar, Countess Elizabeth, Lady Janie, Lord Franklin, Lady Diana and Lady Aaliz stepped forward to help clean the hall, which was a bit disorganized when the setup crew arrived Friday.

Duke Drake and Sir Domingo stepped in at the last second to marshal the King's Champion list.

Those last, stalwart souls who helped cleanup on Sunday, including many of the same people above - words do not express how happy we are you helped Elfsea!

Thank you!
Alejandro y Amalia
Barón y Baronesa

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