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Arabella de Montacute ladyarabella at
Sat May 9 13:38:44 PDT 1998

Count me in on the class.  
     As for the dates, the first sounds the best.  The second, I would 
not be able to attend because I want to show support for a neighboring 
Canton and attend their event. (you know it's a Central Regional thing) 
     I am sure our Baron will be going to Academy of the Rapier since he 
is teaching a class.  (I seem to remember reading the event announcement 
in the Black Star).  
     It's a great idea, Darius.  Will we be making reaglia at the 
Academy for the Kingdom, at the Academy?  That sounds like a great idea, 
craft day!!!


>Well it's 11:22 and already I'v had a pretty good response to the 
>herldry day, so good in fact I'm giving it a Name "The Elfsea Heraldic 
>Academy" I am currently looking at two dates for this to occur, The 
>of june (which is the same as Simones Party, Hmm... Academy then hit 
>party have big fun???)
>and the 27th of June which is counter to Lindenwood's Midsummer Ball, 
>and Academy of the Rapier. Let me Know Which one suits you the best. 
>Also a heraldry page should be up some time next week with the forms on 
>it. I will forward the Address when it's done.The classes I would like 
>to see at the Academy include:Vocal Heraldry, Illumination, Some form 
>Making Regalia, Heraldic displays, and a heraldry 101 just befor the 
>consult table opens. Please let me Know If any can help with these 
>things, Including the consult table.
>In Service
>Darius Ld Nautilas

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