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Sat May 9 14:49:06 PDT 1998

Greetings o Great Barony,
     What great meals we will have!!!!!! Ok a posting on our decisions 
of last night.
Friday May 22 - No meals planned - every one will be coming in at 
various times.  
Saturday May 23
   Breakfast - Dan, Sandy, Kat and Jan
     MENU - Coffee, OJ, Sausage Rolls, French toast, and fruit
   Dinner - Fearghus, Arabella, Caelin
     MENU - Beef stew with veggies, steamed broccoli, Cheese Goo, Green 
Beans, some sort of Bread, and maybe a mixed butter spread.  Fearghus 
and I will be providing wine for everyone for dinner - (Galen you will 
like this)
(we decided Crandall will probably bring some brisket, this would be a 
good night for this)

Sunday May 24
   Breakfast - Eowyn, Jeanmaire, Stella, Reginleaf (Laurels breakfast) 
     MENU - coffee, OJ, pancakes, sausage, ham, fruit, quiche
   Dinner - Galen and Allessandra
     MENU - Beef Stroganoff, peas, rice, bread

Monday May 25
   Breakfast - Simone and her Crew
     MENU - she can prepare what ever she wants - Cold is good, fast 
clean up, not much mess. Continental Style

This is a list of every one who has indicated a desire to participate:

Eowyn, Jeanmaire, Axel, Diane, Stella, Reginleif, Tor, Galen, 
Allessandra, Arabella, Fearghus, Ashley, Lauren, Dan, Sandy, Kat, Jan, 
plus two children, Crandal, Gwendolyn, Caelin, Llyellyn, ZaraZina, 
Anthony, Raimond, Simone, Afrena?, Duncan?, Wylie?

If your name is not on this list and you wish to participate and get 
fed, dishs will always need to be done, water needs to be fetched, 
drinking water needs to be brought, and ice needs to be bought.  If you 
wish to help with a specific meal contact the persons volunteering to 
cook that meal and help provide items to be cooked since all food is 
donated by the persons cooking that meal.  Remember this list alone is 
30 people, so plan accordingly.  If there are any additions please 
contact me so I can up date everyone.

We are planning to use the GP medium liner as a central gathering area 
to eat in.  If you have tables bring them, can never have too many 
tables, chairs and water at an event.  

Remember there is a Period Encampment Competition for the best period 
encampment.  "This includes not only period tents but also creative 
cover-ups of mundane items and an overall period feeling."  Bring out 
all your Banners, let's show others a united Elfsea. 

off my pre registration
Warlord list - Saturday
Champion List - Sunday
Archery both days
Crest Competition - Sunday
Spear Knife and Axe - practice on  Saturday - competition on Sunday
Tourney of the Heirs - Sunday - you must be sponsored by a child under 
12 to enter
Torch Light Tourney - Begins midnihgt Sunday evening Monday morning 
final bout held at dawn.

Let me know if ya'll have questions 

Sincerely and in faithful service to Barony and Kingdom,
Lady Arabella de Montacute

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