ES - Update on Lady Bice

margiejr margiejr at
Tue May 12 14:53:39 PDT 1998

Reiane  Please give her my love, and tell her I will sing for her at Warlord
Sience she can't be there

Lady Simone

>Bice' is in the Fort Worth Osteopathic Hospital on Montgomery and Camp
>Bowie.  She's in room 407.  Right now she's still feeling very weak and
>is being monitored closely.  I'm going back up in a few minutes and will
>try to post more tomorrow.  I know she appreciates everyone's concern.
>She's already fussing about not being able to go to Warlord!
>Please wait another day or so before calling.  She's had a hard time
>trying to sleep, what with all the gadgets they've hooked her up to.
>The nurses poke her all night, so most of her sleep time is during the
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