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I should also point out, that I had not the opportunity to attend a fighter
practice in the East Kingdom. They were rained out. However, any
information that I did recieve, came from a sole fighter, a previous Knight
Marshal.  None of the information I related is from first hand experience,
hence i attempted to make is as non-offensive, positive, and broad as
possible. I did this soley to give others an idea of some of the
differences in other kingdoms, and to make sure that other Kingdoms see
Ansteorrans as positive, open-minded, and talented creatures.  

I am elated to see that those of you who are Ansteorran (either by marriage
or happy inhabitants ;)  ) have arisen to fill in so much details. 

Like my persona would have done, as my people would have done before me, 
my goal here was an attempt to cross a border and bring the world a little
closer. I think this has been accomplished.


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> Subject: Re: ES - Authorizing in various Kingdoms
> Date: Tuesday, May 12, 1998 10:05 PM
>     For a while, Atlantia even had an authorization for "short" weapon
> shield that was  completely seperate from the weapon and shield
>     As far as the amount of force that it takes to win a bout in the
> East/Atlantia, after being there for almost twenty years I have found
that it
> is not really that much different there than it is here.  I have several
> run into people in Ansteorra who just wouldn't go down no matter how hard
> hit them.  I have also found many fighters in the East that would fall to
> glance.  I think that as time goes on the differences in calibration
> kingdoms become closer and closer and there will always be "unnamed
Dukes" who
> will be hard to kill (not necessrily hit).
>     I partly agree with Vivain's statement about fighters back east not
> too many other weapons forms but only if you caveat this with "The only
> weapons forms they seem to fight in is, weapon and shield or two weapon" 
> also appears that the predominant amount of "rhinoing" is in the two
> style.)  Recently there have even been a few knightings in Atlantia where
> honored has seldom if ever been seen with an "off" weapon in his hands. 
> however appears to be a recent trend and one that few of the old school
> with.  Most of the chivalry that I had associated with were experienced
> three weapons forms. W/S, PW, and GS and they were usually proficient in
> and one other.
>     As far as heater shields are concerned.  You don't see too many
> illuminations of the chivalric knight fighting with a scutum.
> Geoffrey

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