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Tue May 12 20:05:52 PDT 1998

    For a while, Atlantia even had an authorization for "short" weapon and
shield that was  completely seperate from the weapon and shield authorization.
    As far as the amount of force that it takes to win a bout in the
East/Atlantia, after being there for almost twenty years I have found that it
is not really that much different there than it is here.  I have several times
run into people in Ansteorra who just wouldn't go down no matter how hard you
hit them.  I have also found many fighters in the East that would fall to a
glance.  I think that as time goes on the differences in calibration between
kingdoms become closer and closer and there will always be "unnamed Dukes" who
will be hard to kill (not necessrily hit).
    I partly agree with Vivain's statement about fighters back east not using
too many other weapons forms but only if you caveat this with "The only two
weapons forms they seem to fight in is, weapon and shield or two weapon"  (It
also appears that the predominant amount of "rhinoing" is in the two weapon
style.)  Recently there have even been a few knightings in Atlantia where the
honored has seldom if ever been seen with an "off" weapon in his hands.  This
however appears to be a recent trend and one that few of the old school agree
with.  Most of the chivalry that I had associated with were experienced in
three weapons forms. W/S, PW, and GS and they were usually proficient in W/S
and one other.
    As far as heater shields are concerned.  You don't see too many
illuminations of the chivalric knight fighting with a scutum.
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