ES - Sunday, Sunday, Sunday or Wednesday, Wednesday

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Wed May 13 14:41:40 PDT 1998

On May 13,  5:33pm, Jan Nowlan wrote:
> Subject: RE: ES - Sunday, Sunday, Sunday or Wednesday, Wednesday
> Your Excellency,
> Thank you, I had remembered Roger Redhand.  Do you have a contact # for him
> chance?
> >Try Roger Redhand.  He makes and sells them and is usually at >fighter
> practice.
> >If not, he is probably working Scarborough Faire with Duke >Inman.
> Ahhh, Beloved Scarborough Faire and as fate would have it I will be there
> Saturday!  I am glad to hear Duke Inman's name.  Would that mean he is
> again?
> >Zara Zina
> In service,
> Muirgein
	He is just armoring for the fair.  He doesn't do SCA armor any more.

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