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neil starkey raimonddemora at
Wed May 13 22:12:20 PDT 1998

Hey everyone,
  I have just spent the last hour clearing my mail box of 71 messages 
and figured I would replace them with one of my own.  Yes, if you not 
figured it out yet, I have a limited access to the e-mail, therefor I 
end up checking my mail only a couple time a week.  With that said, on 
with the messages.
 1. Darius, Let me know what help you might need for the haraldry 
classes.  I am off weekends and can probably make it.
 2. I hope everything is going well for Bice.  By the way, all I know is 
that she went in with stomach problems.  Anyone know what kind of 
 3. I know (although it has taken time to sink in) that I am no longer 
Your King of Fools.  However, I am still involved in the planning of the 
Fool's Court and Revel.  Lady Anne will be the main autocrat and I will 
the co-autocrat.  The date has already been set for August 1st, which is 
a saturday.  There is one very notible change in the format of the event 
from what you are used to.  That change is.... (can't you feel the 
suspence building?)... The first half the day will be Lord Charles and 
Lady Anne's wedding.  The second half will be the revel and court.  I 
know this much so far about the event.  There will still be only 2 
contests during the day.  (yes Dana you are still a judge for the desert 
competition.)  There is still a potluck.  All are invited to the wedding 
as well as the revel.  The Bride and Groom, as a gift to the Barony, has 
already paid for the site and plan on providing meat and ice for the 
potluck.  There will still a donation coffer at the door with the 
collected monies going to the barony.  Please stay tuned here and in the 
Scroll for more details.  By the way Arabella, I will be contacting you 
with announcement stuff as soon as I write it.
  4. Boy am I out of breath just trying to type all of this in.  Anyway, 
that is my two cents worth for the day.

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