ES - Are we welcoming enough?

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Thu May 14 22:49:44 PDT 1998

   I am glad some of you feel this way because I am thinking of joining 
and would be very much discouraged if I felt 'out' in an event, whether 
because I was new or not.. But then again it isn't only the 
responsibility of the Barony or SCA, the individual themselves need to 
be somewhat outgoing atleast.


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>Galen and friends--
>    You know, I have been thinking about this same phenomena.  I know 
that I
>haven't made it to many events since I started dental school last fall, 
but I
>have noticed some things at the few events I have been at that bothers 
me a
>little bit.  Many of you know me who are on this list, and they know 
that I am
>fairly new to Elfsea (1 1/2 years).  But I have noticed at events 
lately that
>people don't seem to want to walk up to people they don't know or who 
>newcomers and say hello.  I know I have been guilty of this sometimes, 
but I
>would hope that it is not just the hospitaler's job to welcome people 
to this
>game.  Not everyone who shows an interest in the SCA has a personality 
like me,
>who will walk up to people and talk to them whether it's her first 
event or her
>20th.  I have admired Mara's ideas of sponsoring of newcomers, but I 
>really hope that more members of our Barony could walk up to someone 
who is
>unfamilar and find out where they're from and what drew them to this 
event.  You
>might meet the King of another Kingdom, or the person who in 5 years 
will be
>your own King.  I have watched a person very close to me get 
disgruntled with
>the SCA because very few people ever even came to him to say "Hi," let 
>invite him to their camp.  He is a very talented archer, knife thrower, 
>worker, and is a gentleman.  And he has told me he will never return to 
an SCA
>event.  I'm not trying to get on a soapbox here, and I'm not trying to 
trash our
>Barony.  All I'm asking is for each of you to approach someone who 
looks lost,
>or whom you have never met and introduce yourself and welcome them to 
>you are doing.  Make it your business to never meet a stranger at an 
>It's something my future father-in-law has taught me.  He never meets a
>stranger, and can honestly wave at just about anyone in his hometown 
and say
>their name.  Can you do that?
>Just my two cents worth.
>In service,
>Lady Genevieve de la Gamba
>Matron, House Silver Moon
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