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Donald Riney dariusobells at
Fri May 15 08:21:59 PDT 1998

>Ly Maili Donnel MacGregor wrote:
>> I only had one complaint.  I saw two couples (mundane) looking around 
and none
>> approached them.  They had questions that needed to be ans.  It is 
very poor
>> public relations not to approach them and help them.  <snip>
>I send out the challenge that you all
>> start to jump up and help others and be Hospitallers.  If you 
remember back to
>> when you joined wasn't someone around to help you feel more 

I second that motion, I have been playing almost 7 years, and 2 years of 
that are in Elfsea. The Hospilers job is a tough one, but it becomes 
more so when They are not getting the help of the populace. Generaly one 
of my greatest joys at events is meeting new people, (and not just 
because they havn't heard all my songs yet!) Meeting people and helping 
where I can, is what keeps my dream alive. I rejoyce whene I see a new 
person at the beginig of the event trying to figure out what A Troll is, 
and then later seeing them settled in and having a good time. I try to 
meet at least three new people every event I go to. It's certanly not a 
hard goal to achieve! The biggest lapse of hospitality I have ever seen, 
was when I met a young man at an event on a saturday afternoon, and one 
of his first questions was "Just what does that Big Black Star mean 
anyway?" Considering this was a good size event... I guess what I'm 
saying is new people, weather they be new to the area or the SCA are our 
life blood. With out a fresh stream a pond stagnates. It would be nearly 
a crime to let that happen to our game!
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