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Sat May 16 06:16:43 PDT 1998

Lady Arabella,
  I am glad to see your letter.  First take care of the chest I worked long
and hard to get (thanks Wilhelm).  Elfsea has grown very large it looks like
from here.  May I suggest about 5 dupties?  Especially for events.  This would
give you better coverage at events.  If I am ever at an event I will be glad
to help.  Ask anyone who knows me I will talk and talk and talk to anyone.

  You will also find in about 7yrs that people who you know just coming in
when you left come up and grab your neck and hug you.  They have this strange
light in their eyes and then introduce you to someone and say "This is ------
they got me into the SCA."  At this point you melt.  The look is gratitude.  I
had this happen at Springfair.  As a Hospitaller you are a teacher.  This is
the reward you work long and hard for and never think will happen.  When it
does your heart sings.  The Dream is passed and you have done your job.  I
hope this happens to you. 
Maili Donnel MacGregor.
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