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Sat May 16 06:30:37 PDT 1998


   I know how long you have been playing.  I remember a beautiful face with
all the eagerness of being new.  What you don't know is all the comments about
you said by the ladies in the background.  (That we hoped you would stay one
day I will tell you the rest of what I remember.)

You have grown into a wonderful person.  You made this old lady's heart sing
by coming up and welcoming her and her children.  You spent time and made me
feel welcomed back in Elfsea.  You do that at every event I have shone up at.
It is very hard to play for yrs and then leave.  When you come back you know
the robes but something have changed and lots of the people as well. 

Keep it up and keep welcoming all of us "old" people back.

In Service to the Dream where ever I am whenever I am.
Ly, Maili Donnel MacGregor. 
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