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House Connections (Kiriandra) wrote:

>  I have some fabric given to me by my father, also an SCA
> member, as a gesture of welcome to his "household". I have
> enough for a tunic for one or the other of my kids, but not
> both. I thought maybe a baldric for each. Is there any
> significance to baldrics on smalls in the SCA?

I am not personally aware of any reservations / special meaning
concerningbaldrics upon children.  With apologies, I don't
remember the age or gender
of your offspring, so bear with me if the following observations
are a bit
generic or inappropriate to some extent.  (Remembering that, in a
portion of the region and time period we strive to re-create, a
child under
the age of six yet above the age of developing civilized toilet
habits was
fairly likely to run around very minimally attired if not
completely bare
a good part of the warmer months....)

However, from experience, may I suggest that a short tabard or
broad collar
may be better for the long term (if you've seen a mail "bishop's
mantle", or
maybe a long-necked hood, ...)?  Perhaps a capelet that can be
pinned to
the shoulders of any tunic or other basic torso garment (or even
clasped at the neck in warmer OR colder weather) would serve as
an alternative.

It has been my observation that cloth baldrics and young, active
don't always go well together (from a lifetime of participation
in Scouts,
I can attest that badge sashes came out almost entirely for
occassions and are generally shed rapidly otherwise).

Kiriandra, don't let these thoughts keep you from using baldrics
your children if that is what you really want to do, however.  I
seen SCA children wearing them for many years, usually in colors
or patterns associated with a household but as often as an
substitute for suspenders / over-the-shoulder straps.

P.S. Before one of the more ascerbic language mavens latches on,
allow me to make you aware that it is perfectly legitimate to say

children, sons, daughters, or whatever when referring to the
Heirs of
the Dream. While "smalls" is also commonly accepted, there are
who choose to believe that the only appropriate use of such a
reference relates to the layer of clothing worn nearest the skin
(until recently in modern times) typically kept entirely from
sight  by
outer garments.

(I report upon attitude and past experience / observation, not
my own preference, with the preceding paragraph. I'm as happy
calling children "halflings" or "smalls" or "knee-biters" as the
freeest barabarian who ever spoke -- but not everyone is so
open-minded & tolerant of variation. Please, take my warning
in the spirit of friendship alone and not as any criticsm,
or overt.)
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