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Mon May 25 14:43:20 PDT 1998


>Any stories of the event?
>Llywelyn and Philip called and told me that they made Mistress Branwyn a
Pelican, that they named Sir Burke to be a Pelican at a later date, and that
they named Wilhelm von Buch to the Chivlary - also to be done at a later
date.  Cedric the Fiddler was named a Lion of Ansteorra.
>I haven't heard anything since this morning.
>Zara Zina (cough, cough, hack, wheeze)

It was a great event. The Bardic competion was graet, A lot of good peices
you would have enjoyed it. Most of my weekend was spent in the camp of with
my crew of New commers. but we had a blast. and behaved ourselves.  you
already got the news about the pelicans and cedric so I won't rehash it.  I
wish you could have been thier... I think I too am comming down with the
crud. Been hacking and coughing sence I got up this moorning.

Lady Simone
a new edition to the Hack and cough club

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