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Mon May 25 20:35:37 PDT 1998

Can some one post who won Steppes Bard?!?! I hadn't heard. thanks

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>Subject: ES - Steppes Warlord: THANK YOU
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>Vicki Marsh (HE Zara Zina) wrote:
>> If you find yourself with nothing to do at the event, please 
volunteer to help our friends and neighbors in the Steppes.  At an event 
this size, there will be plenty of opportunities.
>There certainly were. Unofficial gate count was 1138.
>My personal thanks, as a Steppes resident, to all who came and
>enjoyed themselves and PARTICULARLY to those from
>outside Steppes who helped make this a successful event.
>A special note of thanks to voice heralds who loaned us their
>talents, either in camp or on the list field, even under
>the prevailing climactic circumstances. Dust and smoke-haze
>together -- "not good, very bad". Doubled thanks to those
>who did so and still competed for the title of Bard of the
>A completely un-precipitated upon Steppes Warlord ...
>what *is* this world coming to, anyway?
>For "fun": Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra (SCA)
>           Kihe Blackeagle (Filk, Scouting, etc.)
>For "official" purposes: Mike C. Baker
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