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Tue May 26 03:12:36 PDT 1998

Paul Mitchell wrote:
> Kate, I'm right here!  If you like, I'd be happy to help you with
> your bardic; some people think I'm a decent bard.
> Regarding peerage associates (squire, protege, apprentice), it
> really varies with the peer.  Some peers prefer to be asked,
> others prefer to do the asking.  Some (such as myself) will
> sometimes ask, but are receptive to being asked, as well.  So
> there's no hard and fast rule.  If there's some peer you're
> interested in being associated with, I'd encourage you to approach
> her about it.
> I hope this helps.
> - Galen of Bristol, Viscount, KSCA, Pel., Premier Bard of Ansteorra,
> etc.
> Viscountess Kate wrote:
> > Arabella please let me know who won the bardic also.  I was going to
> > compete but chickened out.  I have never done anything like that
> > before.  May be you can suggest someone to aid me in becoming a bard, I
> > don't sing.  It was geat meeting you and I enjoyed my self enormously.
> > I am looking forward to next years.
> > What are the rules on becomeing a apprentice or protogee in this
> > kingdom.  I was told that a Pel or a laraul had to come and ask you to
> > apprentice or protegee to them.  Is this true?  Talk soon, V.kate aka
> > Barb  Ps. Do you have Galen's addy?  thanks
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Thank you.  I am somewhat confused coming from Aten to Ansteorra;
however, I am much happier here.  Maybe it's time for me to try
something new.  I really appreciate your guidance. V. Kate
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