ES - Highland Games

Arabella de Montacute ladyarabella at
Tue May 26 11:31:41 PDT 1998

Some times our schedule depends on what other things are happening close 
to our demo.  Last year we had to stop our demo fighting while they did 
a Scottish haybail-throw-thing.  (I'm sorry I don't remember what it was 
     Those of you who are in need of tickets must put in several hours 
of volunteer work and need to call Lady Mara, who is not on this list, 
but has all the volunteer tickets. 817-295-5768 she will give you all 
the particulars.


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>Subject: ES - Highland Games
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>Does anyone have a schedule or an idea of what fighting demos/tourneys 
will be
>happening at Highland Games?
>Will we have court there too?
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