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Wed May 27 05:55:15 PDT 1998

Duchess Willow 
In recent times the crowns and the queens and the Knights
have lost the respect of the people.

And some of the people have lost respect for some nobles because of their lack
of respect of the people.  It is a two way street. 

Duchess Willow
You can see Dukes and Counts helping
ladies with baskets,

For the first time at Springfair.  I came with the children.  I had very
little help in setting up and taking down camp.  In my younger days I never
had trouble getting help.  (No hubbie with me) I guess this is what happen
when you add a few years and LB. Sad I would say.  
(thank you for helping Ramoind)

I am with her Excellency on the idea of courtesy.  It is needed.  I found that
that is also the first skill to go when you have not played in a long time.  I
needed to hear more of it to get back in the swing of it.  I told Gwen that
the hardest thing about coming back was that I couldn't talk properly in the
SCA anymore and needed to work on it?

I will if you all will.
Ly Maili Donnel MacGregor
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