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Wed May 27 09:29:44 PDT 1998

Yo Darius - what a great idea for a class at the heraldic academy????? I 
wonder if the local people who have been talking on this subject would 
loan their brasss hats for touchy feely and show and tell time??????  
Just an Idea!!!! - Arabella

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>I would like to comment on this subject.  I agree with Vivane.  A class 
> "titles brass hats and just what does
>that particlar shape of crown mean" would be good.  I would be very
>interested in attending a class such as this.  Even though this is all 
>the Known World Handbook, there is just something about a "show and 
>type class that makes every thing come together.
>Lady Mara talks about titles (and 100 other things) at her excellent 
>101 classes.  However, since her SCA 101 class was my first event (1.3
>years ago), it was all very confusing to me.  A class such as this 
>be very beneficial - and a good refresher.
>My personal thought is that an event such as Defender would be a good
>place to hold such a classs.  There are alot of people at this event 
>hence, a possible larger turnout.
>In service to this dream we live,
>****Lavina del Bakhaus****
>      (Susan Tribble)
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