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Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Wed May 27 09:49:27 PDT 1998

windell gibson wrote:

> I am having a hard time knowing who is a pel or a laural. Knights are
> kind of obvioux but if they are pel's or laurals they're not.  I would
> appreciate your in put please.  V.Kate

Are you asking for names?  In the Elfsea area, you're likely
to meet the following peers (plus probably a few I've left out):

[KEY:                                   ]
[KSCA = Knight of the SCA               ]
[MSCA = Master of Arms of the SCA       ]
[ML = Master (Mistress) of the Laurel   ]
[Pel. = Master (Mistress) of the Pelican]
[LR = Lady (Lord) of the Rose           ]

(Royal Peers are Duke, Counts, and Viscounts, and the feminine
counterparts, for those who are still learning this stuff.)

Duke Jonathan de Laufyson, MSCA, Pel.
Duchess Willow de Wisp, Pel., ML, LR
Duke Inman McMoore, KSCA, ML, Pel.
Duchess Athena Morcan Derwyn Ddoo, ML
Duchess Larissa, ML, Pel. (coming soon from Atenveldt)
Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, Pel.
Viscount Axel of Tavistia, KSCA
Viscountess Jeanmaire Illaria Beatrice du Domremy, ML
Viscount Ivan Howard of Hightower
Viscountess Katherine (Kate)
Sir Arthur of the Fen, KSCA
Mistress Custance, ML
Sir Lance de Curcy, KSCA
Mistress Stella Sylvana, ML
Mistress Eowyn ferch Rhys, ML
Mistress Reginlief Ragnarsdottir, ML

Again, this list is off the top of my head, and
there are stealth laurels sneaking around that
I don't know.  But if you're trying to find out
who some of these folks are, this should help.

- Galen
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