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Wed May 27 06:14:14 PDT 1998

Axel , Jeanmaire & Diane Remes wrote:
> >Phillip has recently volunteered to teach a class on presedence,
> >perhaps, you can help him with that Jeanmaire? I grilled him prettty
> >hard on it and he Knows the basic presedence realy well.
> >In service
> Darius of the bells
> >
> >
> Darius, Jeanmaire here again.
> My first help would be to point out that it's spelled "precedence", defined
> by
> Webster as: (2a)the right to superior honor on a ceremonial or formal
> occasion.  My idea was not so much a list of who has what, which I imagine
> would be arduous to memorize, but something on the order of:
>     If the <coronet or medalion> looks like <this> then the person has
> <that> award, which bears <AOA / Grant of Arms / Patent of Arms > .  The
> title is <whatever> and the person is then addressed as <you name it>.
> Knowing who has what in the local area (Steppes/Elfsea) would be great, too,
> if it were on a written list that people could take home with them.
> I did not even KNOW that a Patent of Arms came with my Laurel until I became
> a Viscountess.  Would have been nice if someone had told me what it was
> about, and I had been in the SCA for over 10 years at that point.  OK, so
> I'm not so swift about some things.
> As to the, what do you call someone with multiple titles, that one gets
> awkward, and various peers have different preferences.  I prefer to be
> called Mistress if I'm functioning as a Laurel (like when I was running the
> Frugal Garb Comp. at Springfaire) and Your Excellency when I'm wearing my
> coronet.  I dont' usually expect my friends to use titles, except under
> formal conditions, like in court.  Like Eowyn, I tend NOT to introduce
> myself with my title(s) because I don't want to intimidate people, but then
> they don't know what I am.  Is there some middle road between pompous &
> friendly?  It's hard to find.  Any suggestions?
> Yes, of course, I would be glad to help out in any way I can.  I think it's
> best NOT to try to do this at Defender, because people get so busy at big
> events.  How about just before Defender so that it's fresh in people's minds
> ?  As always, you are welcome to do it at my house, although I'm a bit to
> the East for most people.  Maybe Phillip could do two sessions, one in the
> East, and one in the West, so travel is convenient for people.  Just
> throwing out ideas.
> In Service,
> Jeanmaire
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