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Wed May 27 09:44:18 PDT 1998

>Phillip has recently volunteered to teach a class on presedence,
>perhaps, you can help him with that Jeanmaire? I grilled him prettty
>hard on it and he Knows the basic presedence realy well.
>In service
Darius of the bells
Darius, Jeanmaire here again.

My first help would be to point out that it's spelled "precedence", defined
Webster as: (2a)the right to superior honor on a ceremonial or formal
occasion.  My idea was not so much a list of who has what, which I imagine
would be arduous to memorize, but something on the order of:
    If the <coronet or medalion> looks like <this> then the person has
<that> award, which bears <AOA / Grant of Arms / Patent of Arms > .  The
title is <whatever> and the person is then addressed as <you name it>.
Knowing who has what in the local area (Steppes/Elfsea) would be great, too,
if it were on a written list that people could take home with them.

I did not even KNOW that a Patent of Arms came with my Laurel until I became
a Viscountess.  Would have been nice if someone had told me what it was
about, and I had been in the SCA for over 10 years at that point.  OK, so
I'm not so swift about some things.

As to the, what do you call someone with multiple titles, that one gets
awkward, and various peers have different preferences.  I prefer to be
called Mistress if I'm functioning as a Laurel (like when I was running the
Frugal Garb Comp. at Springfaire) and Your Excellency when I'm wearing my
coronet.  I dont' usually expect my friends to use titles, except under
formal conditions, like in court.  Like Eowyn, I tend NOT to introduce
myself with my title(s) because I don't want to intimidate people, but then
they don't know what I am.  Is there some middle road between pompous &
friendly?  It's hard to find.  Any suggestions?

Yes, of course, I would be glad to help out in any way I can.  I think it's
best NOT to try to do this at Defender, because people get so busy at big
events.  How about just before Defender so that it's fresh in people's minds
?  As always, you are welcome to do it at my house, although I'm a bit to
the East for most people.  Maybe Phillip could do two sessions, one in the
East, and one in the West, so travel is convenient for people.  Just
throwing out ideas.

In Service,

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