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Thu May 28 08:07:35 PDT 1998

Already started with Duchess Willow's posting.  During this summer I'll 
be contacting the other Laurels in the metroplex and asking them if the 
want to participate on a printed list.  Could you provide me with a 
phone list so I may contact people.  I think including masters and 
mistresses from Steppes would also be a good idea.


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>Jeanmaire here, again.
>I think knowing what each Laurel specializes in is great information to 
>have.  In fact, the Laurels, themselves, finally started doing this, =
>although I haven't seen more than a name, address, phone # & e-mail =
>listing in a few years.  I think they need to re-issue it with all the 
>new people on it.
>For myself, I'm a clothing re-creation expert.  (Costumes are for =
>Halloween.  Sorry.)  My speciality is late period, especially =
>Elizabethan.  I am also fascinated by how clothing is cut, and have =
>picked up a great deal about this from many different time periods.  =
>What I find especially interesting is the way that very different looks 
>were achieved by varying the cut of the fabric only slightly.  I'm very 
>into doing research, and whenever possible will back up what I say with 
>where the information came from.  For a long time I did a great deal of 
>dancing, too, although a bad bout of asthma put an end to that.  I also 
>dabble in playing the recorder, brewing beer, and have recently taken 
up =
>inkle & tablet weaving, although I'm so new at the last item that I 
feel =
>I'm stumbling in the dark.
>Can't think of anything else, though I'm always trying something new.  
>It's what makes life fun & interesting.
>In Service,
>P.S.  Arabella -  Maybe you should gather up little snippets like this 
>from all the Laurels & put it in the Scroll?  Just an idea.

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