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<< Hi,
 	This reminds me of a story involving the SCA in England.
 	Someone showed up to an event, and mentioned that they were a baronet.
 	When someone said something about the SCA not doing Baronets, he
 replied that he was REALLY a baronet.
 	This raises an interesting question, which I am bringing up ONLY
 because I think that it would be fun to discuss, not because there should be
 any policy changes.
 	There are many more ranks of nobility in the real world than there are
 in the SCA.  If you had the chance, what other ranks of nobility would you
 and what would they signify?
 Matthew Saroff
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OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH    Matthew  You like to stir the pot. That is good for thought
and how we got started.
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