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Wed May 27 10:07:43 PDT 1998

Phyllis Spurr wrote:

> I know that too often I have been guilty of laziness when it comes to
> addressing people with their correct titles, especially when I know
> that person very well.  I have further compounded the problem by
> introducing myself as Eowyn, instead of whatever title Eowyn.  In
> doing this, I was attempting to help the person not feel intimidated
> and make myself approachable.
> <snip>
> > On a personal note, if i have offended anyone by not using the proper
> > title, then i apologize from my heart.
> >
> > Vivaine
> You have never offended me.

Me either!  Nor has anyone else offended me by failing to
use my titles.

> I agree.  I would rather have people come up and speak with me than
> be put off by the laurel.  For my part, however,  I will endeavor to
> address everyone by their correct titles.  I have worked very long
> and hard to receive a Laurel.  Perhaps I will start introducing
> myself as Meistres Eowyn.

But I will not introduce myself using my titles.  If I introduce
Eowyn, I will mention her peerage and her regional office, but
in introducing myself, I will offer my name.  The words "Sir"
and "Viscount" are not part of my name.  But when others
introduce me, they usually include my peerages, which is as
it should be.

I used to know a lady who always introduced herself as 
"Honorable Lady <full name>".  It always seemed just a 
bit insecure to me.  A supervisor I used to work for once
told me, "a gentleman of higher rank never remembers, but
a gentleman of lower rank never forgets".  I'll wear my
regalia, but I won't be verbally reminding people of my 
rank.  But I shall endeavor to use others' titles more.

- Galen
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