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Wed May 27 05:49:34 PDT 1998

	I suppose we are all guilty of failing to use titles, and if I have 
ever offended anyone I am truly sorry. 

***Short disclaimer before I bash***
In each of the instances below, I did not see anyone *I* knew 
personally, so I see this as more of a Society or Kingdom wide 
problem, than a problem in Elfsea
*** End of disclaimer***

    	I would like to add comments on another note of courtesy 
however. Since I have been playing (again) I have noticed that the 
courtesy on the whole is not what it used to be (5 years ago, when I 
began). At both Elfsea Defender, and Elfsea Springfaire I got to site 
before my lord, and set up camp by myself. On both occasions there 
were men (healthy full grown men) standing around watching me, who 
never  offered to help me. (At Defender they did finally offer 
when I went to set up the walls of my tent.) This weekend, there were 
several times when I was walking from camp to the list field with 
my arms full of HEAVY things, no one offered to come to my 
aid, and when we were setting up camp (next to the vigil) on Friday 
night, there were several Knights who stood and watched myself and 
another lady unloading our vehicles, without the offer of aid. How 
are newcomers supposed to learn these things if not by example?
	As for asking for help, it seems to me that since chivalry,(the 
respect and courtesy with which we are supposed to treat one another) 
is one of the main building blocks, which the Society has been 
created upon, no one should have to ask. Maybe that is taking a bit 
of a hard stand, but then again my belief is that most of us are big 
boys and girls and shouldn't have to be reminded like children. If 
those of us who have been around a while, will teach by example, then 
newer people will learn, and will understand much better, than being 
told "Do as I say, not as I (or a good portion of the people) do."

*stepping off my soapbox, yet once again*


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