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Greetings, Elfsea,

Lady Arabella de Montacute wrote:

> Ok one other question - What if a person has multiple titles????
>His Excellancy, Viscount Master Sir Galen of Bristol????? 
I would address him as "Your Excellency"  and introduce him as "His Excellency, Sir Galen "

Basically, the address is the highest noble rank, and the title is what the person is best known for - it also depends on the situation, as Mistress Jean-Maire elaborated on in an earlier post.

I was taught that you could call anyone with a Brass Hat "your Excellency".  That covers B & B's, Viscounts, and Counts.  Anyone else can correct you with  a "Thank you, but the correct address is "Your Grace" "..  It is difficult if you are used to calling someone "Your Grace" and then they are TRM again, and you have to keep correcting yourself, but everyone with a hat usually understands and is courteous enough to either ignore the incorrect address, or to let you know what they prefer in the given situation.

When I am writing in a newsletter or e-mail, I do not list every single address and award that each person has.  There simply is not room and the margin for error is too high.  For a full Heraldic address for me, "Her Excellency, the Honorable Lady Zara Zina Theanos,  Baroness of Elfsea"  works, or just "Baroness Zara Zina, Lady Elfsea".  

I try to remember the courtesies by calling Llywelyn "Your Excellency" when we are sitting as B & B.  It helps to put us in the mood, as well as those around us.  Courtesy starts at home.

Thank you,

Zara Zina, Baroness
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