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Wed May 27 11:23:20 PDT 1998

>I am having a hard time knowing who is a pel or a laural. Knights are
>kind of obvioux but if they are pel's or laurals they're not.  I would
>appreciate your in put please.  V.Kate

I am fairly new, but here's my input for what its worth.

Laurels tend to let you know who they are.  Not that they are pretentious
(though at least the same percent of them as of the general public are),
but they put the laurel wreath on many of their possessions, talk about
"laurel level" work with each other, and generally know more than the
average person about the arts and crafts of our period.  

Pelicans are often "stealth".  There is something about a person who
selflessly performs service for long periods of time that also leads them
to either not care about other people knowing about the award or feeling a
little self conscious about it.  I have rarely been surprised to find
someone is a laurel, but (with the exception of His Excellency Sir Galen) I
have always found out about a Pelican's status from others. I knew of Sir
Galen's because it happened since I became active in the SCA.

The definitive source of these peerages (and other awards) is the O.P.
which is available online.  It is rather dry reading, but you cannot be
stealth from it.

BTW, I like your idea of listing the local people with their awards and
titles.  Sort of like the Atlas that Arabella nicely creates from time to
time.  It could be part of what we hand out in SCA 101 classes.  

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