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Wed May 27 10:55:34 PDT 1998


As others have said, I've never felt insulted by someone omitting my title,
or calling me "My Lady" instead.  If I cared terribly I would have said
something.  In many ways I am the worst offender, and poor Zara Zina is
lucky if I don't call her Vicki at events - truly the WORST faux pas.  I can
hardly call the kettle black on this one.

From: Arabella de Montacute <ladyarabella at>

>>As to the, what do you call someone with multiple titles, that one gets
>>awkward, and various peers have different preferences.  I prefer to be
>>called Mistress if I'm functioning as a Laurel (like when I was running
>>Frugal Garb Comp. at Springfaire)
>I usually introduce you to others as Mistress, especially when they are
>asking about garb and the time period you do so well.
>and Your Excellency when I'm wearing my
>>coronet.  I dont' usually expect my friends to use titles, except under
>>formal conditions, like in court.

>I didn't know you felt that way, I wish you had said something eariler.

I don't wear it very often, either.

>But that gets back to that familiar thing I was talking about.
>(Arabella logs her file folder brain to call Jeanmaire, Her Excellency,
>when she has her hat on) It's really hard when you have a close friend
>who has a hat to remember they have a title and may like to be called in
>such a way.
>On the other hand, I don't remember you introducing yourself as Mistress
>or Her Excellency during the Thunder Buns Competition.  LOL!!!! Wouldn't
>have been to proper I guess!  HEHEHEHEHEHE!

I almost never introduce myself in that way when I'm sober, why should I do
it when I'm toasted out of my mind?  As for judging the competition, I have
seldom had so much fun judging so much talent.  Truly the Arts & Sciences in
this kingdom have reached a new high.  (Or a new low.)



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