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Sharon Palkowetz vivaine at
Thu May 28 06:22:55 PDT 1998

Man have I done a great disservice to our current Hospitaler Lady Mara and our new
one stepping in, Lady Eilidh.

Both have taught me and other newcomers SCA etiquette, but I must admit, I am the
slacker who forgets or gets shy about those things.

For anyone seeking any information about how to address anyone in SCA, aside from
attending the heraldic academy, please dont forget your local hospitalers and
their deputies are more than ready to answer your questions and help you handle
yourself appropriately.   Plus they are usually available at an event when your on
the spot most.  If the deputies don't know exactly how to answer your question,
I'm sure they would be most happy to find out.

Lady Mara, if it is appropriate to name the next generation of hospitaler
deputies, I would like to do so in a seperate mailing if you message me that is

Thanks for your time!

Proud member of Elfsea

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