ES - Fighter Practice

Sharon Palkowetz vivaine at
Thu May 28 06:28:25 PDT 1998

Since Hengist has no email at work, I get to post!

Last nights fighter practice went very well.  We had about 7 fighters and we got
in some bouts in.  The weather was like breathing liquid air, but everyone
fought very hard. Great to see!

Axel's Saturday fighter practice will be on Saturday at 2:00 pm (if im not
mistaken). This is a no sheilds practice.

Fighter practice will be at 2 pm Sunday at Randoll Mill Park.  Hengist will be
late, but I should be there to get things going w/ loaner armor.

Don't forget Highland Games is coming and we need fighters. This a great chance
to show off and recruit mundanes.  Please email me or Hengist
(hengist at if you have any questions.

Deputy Knight Marshal

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