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>windell gibson wrote:
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>> >
>> > Sir Auther of the Fen is the founding barron and is called Barron 
>> > Robin Murchada(sp) is founding barroness and is Barroness Elfsea
>> Thank you for the info.  I am new so learning the history is very
>> important.  Byr, V. Kate
>Elfsea, since becoming a Barony, has been ruled by:
>Sir Arthur of the Fen
>Lady Robin Murchada
>(Robin stepped down as Baroness before Arthur, and so
>Arthur ruled alone for some time)
>(Arthur no longer plays SCA, but we had the pleasure of 
>seeing Baroness Robin at the recent Springfaire.)
>Duke Seamus of the Cats, KSCA
>HL Margery (Maggie) de Bray
>(Seamus & Maggie have moved to Oklahoma, but rumor has
>it that they'll be at the Scottish Festival.)
>Lord Llywelyn Gruffydd of Elfsea
>HL Zara Zina Theanos
>The first Baron/ess of an SCA barony is called the "Founding 
>And is forever entitled to bear the baronial arms in canton with their
>own (that is, up in the corner), and in Ansteorra they are referred to
>as "Baron <placename>", as in "Sir Arthur, Baron Elfsea".
>Virtually all former landed Barons/esses are made Court Barons/esses at
>the end of their reign.  Court Barons/esses are addressed as "Baron
>as in "Baroness Margery".  (But not all Court Barons/esses are former
>landed Barons/esses.  The Crown can grant that title to anyone.)
>This is tricky:  _Current_ ruling Barons/esses are referred to as 
>Baron/ess _of_ Placename.  So properly, one doesn't say "Baroness
>Zara Zina", but rather "Zara Zina, Baroness of Elfsea".  (Although
>our current B&B like using a more period alternative, which is why
>I'll sometimes address Llywelyn as "Lord Elfsea"; I've also used
>this with other Barons/esses, calling Master Edwin "Lord Steppes",
>for example.)  The current baron/ess of an SCA barony is entitled
>to display the baronial arms (Llywelyn has a shield and a surcoat
>with the baronial arms) alone or in canton with their own arms
>for the duration of their term.
>All Barons/esses may be referred to/addresses as His/Her/Their/Your 
>To recap:
>3 flavors of Baron/ess:
>- Founding Baron/ess:  "Baron <placename>", as in, "HE Robin, Baroness
>- Court Baron/ess:  "Baron <name>", as in "HE Baroness Maggie".
>- Landed Baron/ess:  "Baron of <placename>, as in "HE Zara Zina,
>Baroness of Elfsea".
>- It would be correct, but probably confusing, if you referred to Duke
>as "Baron Seamus".
>- In actual practice, much of this gets thrown out the window, and
>people just
>call Vicki "Baroness Zara Zina", which isn't correct, but only A/R
>heralds like
>myself care.
>-  Sometimes a person will hold more than one kind of Baronial title. 
>Barons/esses are also Court Barons.  The Baron of the Steppes was a
>Court Baron
>years before they gave him the Steppes.  Thus "Baron Edwin" or 
>are also proper usages.
>I hope this is of interest to some.
>- Galen
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