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Thu May 28 09:43:05 PDT 1998

> From:          "Arabella de Montacute" <ladyarabella at>
> Date:          Thu, 28 May 1998 08:07:35 PDT

During this summer I'll  be contacting the other Laurels in the 
metroplex and asking them if the want to participate on a printed 
list.  Could you provide me with a phone list so I may contact 
people.  I think including masters and mistresses from Steppes 
would also be a good idea.
> Arabella

Arabella - the Laurels already have this info.  If you would like, I 
will contact the Laurels list and see if they wouldn't mind us 
putting out a reprint of just the local Laurels.  No sense 
reinventing the wheel.  It is updated continuously.  You might endup 
having to make phone calls to some of them, if they don't have e-mail 

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