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Thu May 28 08:57:42 PDT 1998

Great I'd love it.  Tell them on the e-mail list that us new folks are 
interested the areas they specialize in and if they are interested in 
teaching newcomers.  I will not include anyone who is not interested in 
recieving calls.  I'm picturing names, addresses, phone and e-mail 
number. Then listing the areas they know the best or are at least 
interested in.  I will e-mail each individually so they can add what 
they wish to appear on the printed list.
Thanks - Arabella 

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>> From:          "Arabella de Montacute" <ladyarabella at>
>> Date:          Thu, 28 May 1998 08:07:35 PDT
>During this summer I'll  be contacting the other Laurels in the 
>metroplex and asking them if the want to participate on a printed 
>list.  Could you provide me with a phone list so I may contact 
>people.  I think including masters and mistresses from Steppes 
>would also be a good idea.
>> Arabella
>Arabella - the Laurels already have this info.  If you would like, I 
>will contact the Laurels list and see if they wouldn't mind us 
>putting out a reprint of just the local Laurels.  No sense 
>reinventing the wheel.  It is updated continuously.  You might endup 
>having to make phone calls to some of them, if they don't have e-mail 
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