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<< Now is the time to start putting together (finding) the info for 
 Ansteorra's 20th Year.  Every group will be asked to provide a 
 Personally, I think putting together a book of our history that can 
 be added to is a great idea.  The historian has the files with 
 pictures and other interesting things.  Wouldn't it be fantastic if 
 we had an impressive book that was continuously added to.
 A page of our Barons/esses, a page for the Title Bards, Heavy 
 Defenders and Consorts, Light Defenders and Consorts, Archery 
 Defenders and Consorts.  Pages that show founding members, you know, 
 all the stuff people want to know.
 It would be lots of work, but think of the fun of putting together 
 something like this with illuminated pages and calliged info.
 Well scribes and illuminators - what do you think?
 In service
I am in Shreveport La but I will be glad to help.

ps  let me do some digging in boxes.
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