ES - Courtesy & Other Things (rather long though) Mararede at
Thu May 28 22:58:57 PDT 1998

This will make it even longer; I remember an old saw (Saying? Joke? No
definitely not that) Question: What do you call the cook? Answer: Your
Majesty. Question: What do you call the  autocrat? Answer: Your Excellency
Question: What do you call the man washing dishes? Answer: Sir Knight. I could
go on, but I will not. There are good people playing this Game, and some who
get bogged down in trivia just like everyone else. But please, before you
judge, go stand in a vigil line for  hours after fighting all day in 92 degree
heat, humidity the same, get bumped by 6 people who have precedence, and see
if you are willing to move out of line. I do not mean to fuss. Just walk a
mile in the other person's boots.    Mara
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