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Fri May 29 17:11:20 PDT 1998

Your Excelency,
For the last 16 years I have watched you. I have not always agreed with you
but I have respected your knowage.  I have always seen you trying to make an
atmospher for everyone. You are always trying to impart knowage. You are a
very suttle worker. And very suttle at getting others to work. I have seen you
rebuffed and you rebound with grace and dignity. You try and be purswasive in
a polite manner.  Your husband is one of the best teachers for fighting I have
ever seen.  As a teacher I respect him.  

You are right about 7 yrs. ago. That is when I dropped out. I have visited off
and on.  You are right about the crowns and nobles of recent yrs. If  the
nobels are now working to change that now I say ViVat!!!!!       I will cheer
when I see it.  I have always tryed to go out of my way and do that. In fact
you can tell when I do that becouse my husband visually cringes and goes the
other way. He gets embarrassed. ( at least he takes the kids with him and
gives me a break.)  

But as you know sometimes we need to get peoples attentions so the problem can
be worked on.   Obvously I did that.  I will be glad to help when  I am

On the subject of the Dream. I was there the night the term was phrased. I
believe in the origonal concept. And the foundation we formed SCA.  It is the
one place left that we can find people who understand Hounor, Loyalty. I would
love to see that dreem continue.
In Service,
Ly Maili Donnel MacGregor.
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