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Arabella de Montacute ladyarabella at
Fri May 29 11:54:51 PDT 1998

     These are the very abbreviated subjects discussed in our last 
business meeting.  I do not have room this month without going over a 
.32 stamp to publish the entire minutes.  
     I don't feel it's appropriate to publish the entire minutes here, 
because, people who have issues, either good or bad, with the subjects 
we discuss, are always invited to come to our business meeting.  I can 
not assume it's necessary to take up band width in replacement of our 
regular business meeting.  I also don't feel this is a proper forum. If 
you are interested in seeing the whole minutes, I can e-mail you 
privately, the minutes in it's entirety as written by Lady Ceinwen. 
Thank you for understanding - Lady Arabella, Chronicler Elfsea

Business Meeting May 21, 1998
· Events on the Baronial Calendar - In writing and given to Stella or 
they aren’t real.
· Meeting place for Moot - possibly change to Coors Distribution Center 
- dates and times not determined at this time.  
· Kingdom Warlord - See Lady Mara 
· Elfsea Defender - new site discussed - see Arabella
· Laurel Prize Tourney - In November see Philip
· Baronial College - Feb 13 as a possible date
· Hospitaler - new officer - Eilidh nic Ghille-Mhoael - money for new 
case of known world handbooks
· Treasurer - quarterly not done - Reginleif in school in June - 
checkbook transactions handled by other official signers - 2 bids for 
the office.
· Herald - Baronial crest Art work presented
· A&S - kneeling pillows discussed
· Rapier Marshal - office open for bids

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