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>From: "Arabella de Montacute" <ladyarabella at>

>Already started with Duchess Willow's posting.  During this summer I'll 
>be contacting the other Laurels in the metroplex and asking them if the 
>want to participate on a printed list.  Could you provide me with a 
>phone list so I may contact people.  I think including masters and 
>mistresses from Steppes would also be a good idea.

Hi Arabella,

Well, here goes, these are the things I feel qualified to teach and/or 
judge and that I just LIKE to do!

Early Horticulture
Period Encampments
Period Pavillions
Open fire cooking
Feast Planning and Preparation
Norse Culture
Early Period Costuming (Primarily Norse/Celtic)
 including accessories

I think that's about it.  I think I'm need a new motto, RESEARCH IS 
FUN!!!  Now, Galen, how do I write that in Latin?

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