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Todd Marsh llywelyn at
Fri May 29 09:25:25 PDT 1998

The Central list has been rather quiet these days.

Most of us have a hard time attending weekday demos.  I'll ask on the Elfsea list if anyone can help.

Llywelyn Elfsea

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OK, don't everyone volunteer at once, take your time, the line forms to   
the rear,,,,


Is this thing on???

Seriously, we are about to have to cancel this demo do to lack of   
interest. If you were planning on showing up please confirm with me ASAP.

In service


From:  Rick Futrell
Sent:  Wednesday, May 27, 1998 10:27 AM
To:  central
Subject:  Oyez...Oyez
Importance:  High

The Barony of the Steppes will be hosting a demo for the Girl Scouts of   
America at the Trinity View Ball Park in Irving, TX on Thursday, June   
4th, 1998 at 10:00 AM. We will be there for an hour or so demonstrating   
both fighting and Arts and Sciences. Master Fritz der Rothirsch has   
volunteered and is looking for those of you who may want to join in on   
the fun.

If you are interested please call me for further details.

That is all...

Rick Futrell
AKA 'Armando the Cabana boy'
Demo Coordinator/Steppes
W (214) 765-4332
H  (972) 279-9977

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