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> Well, here goes, these are the things I feel qualified to teach and/or 
> judge and that I just LIKE to do!
> Brewing/Vintning
> Spinning/Weaving/Dyeing
> Herbalism
> Early Horticulture
> Period Encampments
> Period Pavillions
> Open fire cooking
> Feast Planning and Preparation
> Norse Culture
> Early Period Costuming (Primarily Norse/Celtic)
>  including accessories

Typical SCA underachiever...
> I think that's about it.  I think I'm need a new motto, RESEARCH IS 
> FUN!!!  Now, Galen, how do I write that in Latin?

Psssst... Mistress Reginleif, you left one out of the list of "willing to
     Generalized Research

And, to quote a certain beloved professor (no, I've never studied
*directly* under the man's tutelage...):

	"So use your eyes, and plagiarize --
	 But, please, to be calling it research! ....

	One man he takes the credit,
 	 One man, he takes the blame
	 And Nikolai Ivonovitch Lobchevski 
	  Is his name!"

<gryn, and thank you Tom Lehrer, whenever you are>

BTW, I Am Not A Peer of the SCA. I'm not resident in Elfsea, but
I am trying to visit more often. Don't particularly expect to become 
either a peer or Elfsea resident any time soon.  
However, I too am willing to teach (I've presented all of the following 
at one event, collegium, A&S gathering, or another over the last 
twenty years, under a variety of class titles -- or just one-to-one):
   History, Theory, and Practice of the Bard (multicultural viewpoint)
   "Pre-History" of Sumptuary Law
   Applied Woodworking: Construction, Care and Feeding of the Staff
   Specialized Metalworking: Theory and Practice of Sharpening Blades
   Everyday Ornament prior to 1600
   Basics of Modern SCA Camping
   "Survival" Calligraphy (extremely basic beginner level)
   Heraldry for the Compleat Novice: Voice, Book, & Field

Errr, I don't know if I can make it to the Heraldic thingamy, 
but I'll try to consider it a priority. If I'm there, tap me if needed
as an emergency replacement instructor (or for whatever 
except manual labor -- just sprained my wrist, dagnabit!)
Mike C. Baker
SCA: Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra
"Other": Kihe Blackeagle (the Dreamsinger Bard)
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